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Special Constructions

Having such a great respect for constructions, which is in fact Luca Prest Company’s motto, we offer you high quality services that come to help with the execution of your projects, treating each project with seriousness and professionalism.

Luca Prest Constructions Company is at your disposal for completing special construction works, such as wind farms, historical monuments and buildings’ rehabilitation, polyvalent halls, wastewater treatment plants, concrete mixing plants, malls and hydropower plant. Having as strong points the flexibility in solving any problem, experience in constructions, promptness and efficiency, Luca Prest Constructions Company has as main objective the execution of special constructions at the highest standards. This way, our clients are satisfied with the superior quality of long lasting special constructions.

The remarkable Luca Prest services we offer are possible thanks to our qualified staff which operates the modern equipment ensuring thus for your ambitious projects to be completed right on time. Collaborate with Luca Prest constructions company to finalize your special construction works in a successful way at the highest quality standards.


Wind Farms

Wind Farms

Special constructions wind farm developments and wind farm access infrastructure

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